Kitchen Remodeling

Our Kitchen Design Expert Can Guide You To The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Professional Kitchen Remodeling at an Affordable Rate

At kitchen Designer Ann Arbor we specialize in full kitchen remodeling projects. Working directly with homeowners as well as contractors, builders, designers to make sure your every need is met. From the very beginning, we meet with you to produce the stunning and gorgeous kitchen remodeling you’ve always dreamed about. Not only are our designs fashionable, they are also functional as well. We can do all of this amazing work while also taking into consideration your budget. During the discovery phase of your consultation, we will assess your entire kitchen remodeling project or brand new kitchen design ideas. From here we will talk about all of your kitchen remodeling ideas and complete vision for the future. Our designer will then come out and take measurements and photos of the future kitchen space and offer ideas about the remodeling scope.

Kitchen Designer Ann Arbor is the kitchen remodeling service that can help you with all kitchen renovations. Complete counter top updates, fully custom kitchen cabinets, we can do it all even from the ground up. Our vast knowledge and years of expertise makes us the perfect fit to redesign/re-imagine your remodeling space. Your space doesn’t always need to be large. Even small kitchen spaces can take minor updates and have huge results. We will deliver your hopes and ambitions to transform this essential room into its highest modern potential. The memories that will come from your new and improved kitchen will last a lifetime.



You Are The Kitchen Designer

Because we can offer one-on-one design consultation from start to finish, we’ll transform the hard to make decisions into a pleasent easy experience. We assist you with every detail, from picking your cabinetry and woods finish colors to type of granite countertops and edge treatments. After that we will help you decide the best faucets and other finishes that give your kitchen the “completed” feeling. We have many resources at our disposal that enable us to find the perfect product for all budgets. In the end, it will feel like a second home inside your home.

Things to consider for your Ann Arbor Remodeling Project

Modernizing your kitchen can often feel like an intimidating undertaking. When you do this process for the first time, your may find it overwhelming and even hard to start. We can help you get all of your critical questions answered.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is consider what exactly you want to change about your kitchen. Maybe you really enjoy the space but all of the finishes are retro. These finishes may be retro, not in a visually pleasing way. In some cases, you may need to redesign the space for a better flow to create more space for your family size. We suggest making a list of all the things you’d like to change as a solid first step and general guide-line.

The end goal in most cases is to transform your kitchen space into a pleasant and inviting environment. This space should also double and triple as practical and functional. Once we have a good idea of the space you’re working with, we can then create a space that functions well and stays within your budget. When you renovate a kitchen you will also want to consider appliances as well. What can you reuse if any. Is it time for an upgrade? Trying to implement old outdated appliances in a new modern design can be a mistake down the road.

Lastly, together we will look at your budget and determine what flexibility for changes and possibilities are available. Sometimes we can make ground breaking and breath taking results happen with restrictive budgets. With a set foundation for what you’re working with and the future vision you have, our designer will bridge that gap into reality. You have the best opportunity to collaborate with the best kitchen designer in your city!


Some key kitchen improvements our past clients loved.

  • Kitchen cabinets installed with a specified ceiling height matched with stack crown molding
  • A new island can completely change the function of your kitchen space and even provide better user-ability
  • Installing select kitchen cabinets can increase room within the space depending on the location of established positioning.
  • Very custom gothic mulian glass kitchen cabinet doors
  • Vented range hoods provide better more efficient and effective circulation.
  • Manipulating the space can bring a dead corner where the refrigerator sits to and open warming space.
  • Lacking on pantry space? We got you covered. We will build you a pantry that’s so large you’ll have an entire years worth of food ready to go.

We never cut corners when it comes to your kitchen remodeling project in Ann Arbor. Our materials are sourced from the highest quality suppliers in the industry regardless of your budget. Our workmanship and pride shows in our commitment to see your project to the end. Call us today and we will take you to our private showroom so you can see just what we are talking about.

History of Kitchen remodeling: Can you imagine cooking without electricity? How about no running water? In the past, kitchens of the many generations involved a massive amount of labor in order to even begin the cooking procedure. Many of the same kitchen designs of the medieval, pre-industrial age still have a place in modern forward thinking kitchen designs. Back then, cooking was still considered a socialble and communal affair much like it is today. All activity would revolve around the fire as this was a source of light and heat. Even the arrangement of tables and chairs were apart of the cooking process.

New Cultures: Alot of this changed as more travelers brought a variety of new styles and cuisines along. The wealthy would create separate kitchens that could support the more lavish style feasts. On the other hand, the working families the kitchen become more of a functional place for utilitarian purposes. If any sound or smells permeated the air while guests were around, it was considered a sign of poor hospitality. We can thank the industrial revolution for changing those societal norms!

The 1920s -1940s: By the 1900s, electricity was a normal part of life as well as running water. The modern industrialization of the time rang in a new evolutions of kitchen design. An entire economy around kitchens had begun, whole factories were dedicated to producing fixtures, appliances, lighting, cabinetry, gas stoves and storage units.