Kitchen Fixtures

Kitchen Fixtures For Your Unique Imagination

Kitchen Fixtures To Meet The Taste And Style Of Your Dreams.

The detail is what brings everything together, its the small things that catches a person’s eye. After choosing the perfect cabinet and kitchen countertops you will want to invison how the fixtures are going to make your project radiate a warm glow. The types of fixtures for these areas include kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, and hardware.

When planning to make a decison for fixtures for the kitchen, you will want to consider how you use the area. Do you favor a sink that is deep and stainless steel? How about making sure there is 2 bowls for washing dishes. Instead of a handle would you prefer to use a touch kitchen sink faucet or do you like to be efficent h2O when necessary. How about the types of handles on your cabinet drawers? There are numourous key features to consider when you are thinking about the end goal. We are here to guide and advise you every sstep of the way and you should never feel like your guessing. We want to make sure you feel confident about your decision every time.

Kitchen Designer Ann Arbor’s Kitchen Fixture Selection

When it comes to your very first kitchen project, you want to make sure your well within budget. Our upmost respect goes to this and we always want to make sure we are staying on track to hit your goals you set forth. One of our main goals is to help you select a cabinet that suits your budget at the highest quality. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to settle for the big brand name when it comes to getting the most competitive deal for your kitchen cabinets. We only offer the top of the line cabinets to fit any budget.

We carry a select few brands to choose from that we believe offer the best quality for any budgeted project. We are confident that our selection encompasses all manner of choices available.

Everyone has a unique genetic makeup and this also plays a role in our unique styles as human beings. We realize that even though our selection is extensive, we may not have exactly what you’re looking for. If this is ever the case, We have resources and contractors that we are happy to refer you to so that you see your project through to the end.

Are cabinets fixture or furniture?

So how do we categorize kitchen cabinets? Are they considered furniture or fixtures? Well the answer is pretty simple.. Cabinets can be set as stand alone or built in. Technically, cabinets can be moved to different sections with only a few screws, it wouldn’t be easy to do without leaving permanent damage on the walls. Since this is the case, anything that gets built into a home this way would fall into the fixture category. Now on the other hand, if these were free standing they would be considered furniture. In this industry knowing the differences between furniture and fixtures is important. Knowing the difference, is the difference between  what has to stay in a home and what can be moved.

What are some examples of kitchen fixtures in a home?

Kitchen Fixtures are fixed tools that are in your home or kitchen that are used for things like cooking etc. A refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave would all be considered kitchen fixtures. You can also group things such as faucets, and lighting into this category as well.