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The kitchen can be the most valuable part of the home. This is the area where families come together to create memories and share conversation.

Kitchens supply an area for culinary creatvity to thrive. It is an area where you can console and meaningful conversations with family and friends. The most inspiring culinary innovations take place in the kitchen. We belive your countertops should help inspire those edible delights.

Our primary focus is on creating outstnding designs for you kitchen. We ptimarily work with quartz countertops but would be happy to work with you on other options as well. Over the years our expert designer has made dozens of satisfied customers kitchens come to life. At our showroom we have a lineup of different options we can talk about and share with you.

A versatile lineup at Kitchen Design Ann Arbor

Every kitchen is unique to the resident that occupys it. You want to select the kitchen countertop that matches the space it serves. This is what controls the energy of the space and ultimately gives it its overall “vibe”. At kitchen design Ann Arbor we are committed to helping our customers find the exact countertop the represents their unique style. We are familiar in assisting homeowners find countertops that install easily and dont compromise in any aspects. We focus more on the design of your kitchen rather than the installation of individual pieces. We would be more than happy to refer you to our trusted subcontractors for installations.

Maybe you like to show your kitchen off to many friends and family. No matter what your main purpose of use is for, you most likely will convene here many times of the day. We want to help you in selecting the countertop that youll never get tired of seeing and stays timeless fo years to come.

Searching for the ideal countertop in Ann Arbor can require a budget ant any level. At Kitchen Design Ann Arbor we strive to show our customers an array of different options to meet your budget at different price points. We belive because of our lower overhead that we are able to give you this unique opportunity. Unlike our competition we do things a bit different by empowering our customers to make choices and educate in ways other companies would not.

When it comes to your very first kitchen project, you want to make sure your well within budget. Our upmost respect goes to this and we always want to make sure we arestaying on track to hit your goals you set forth. One of our main goals is to help you select a cabinet that suits your budget at the highest quality. Contrary to popular belief, you dont have to settle for the big brand name when it comes to getting the most competative deal for your kitchen cabinets. We only offer the top of the line cabinets to fit any budget.

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What to examine when choosing a Kitchen Countertop

At Kitchen Designer Ann Arbor we encourage our customers to check all the different ways of life one might have when considering kitchencountertops for their home. Theres a difference between a kitchen that has alot of motion and commotion vs one that is used for entertainment from time to time.

Maintaining your countertops is important for longevity and overall day to day look and feel. For many customers, the robustness of the surface is a key point in the final decision making as well as the price.

Making Kitchen Designer Ann Arbor the home for your kitchen countertop needs.

No matter if your redesigning the kitchen or reconfiguring your entire home, our team has the aptitude you require to make the best decisons for your project. Our process stands the test of time and it reflects in our satisfied customers.

We work by the side of our customers to make sure what we deliver is on par and higher than industry standards. This reflects in our designs. We tend to over deliver and go as far as giving your the spec outs wheres other larger companies may charge extra or leave this out. We mainly focus on delivering you expert top of the line designs and encourage you to shop around for sub contractors. We are happy to refer you if needed.
Kitchen countertop designs & Ann Arbor Remodeling
Our Showroom in Ann Arbor has an array of solid surface quartz countertops and stone samples. This can give you the confidence in our products and colors to compare in your own kitchen space.

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We offer a free consultation where we can give a rough estimate on what the cost of your project would be. Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. We would be more than happy to setup a time to meet and visit the showroom. It is our goal to meet your highest expectation as well as inform and empower you with every step of the way. We love to educate our customers so they know exactly what is hapening all the time.

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